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Trade Remedy Updates: 14th May- 21st May 2020

The week has been slow in terms of international trade, especially in the world of trade remedies. India has actively initiated and concluded a few trade remedy investigations, and there is some news from EU and Australia as well. Updates with regard to Brazil’s engagement with the WTO have also come in. Details are as follows:


1) Commission has introduced a new monitoring system for steel and aluminium imports (15th May 2020)

The European Commission has set up a new monitoring system for imports of steel and aluminium, in light of the long-drawn steel crisis being faced by the EU since 2018. The new system will ensure import data is generated two weeks after the actual imports are made, and is therefore a lot faster than the Eurostat data. Relevant import statistics will be published on a monthly basis here.

2) Countervailing Duty for Certain Rainbow Trout from Turkey amended (OJ L 155, 18th May 2020)

Pursuant to an application filed by an exporter, a partial interim review was initiated by the Commission on 22nd May 2019, concerning the countervailing duty imposed on imports of ‘Certain Rainbow Trout’ from Turkey. The Commission has found that the producer/exporter is now receiving substantially less subsidies, and these change in circumstances seem to be permanent in nature. With that in mind, the Commission has reduced the countervailing duty for the exporter. However, the subsidization rate for the rest of the exporters from Turkey remains unamended.


1) Initiation of Sunset Review Investigation of Anti-dumping duties on imports of “Carbon Black" originating in or export from China PR and Russia. (F. No. 7/15/2020-DGTR, 20th May 2020)

Pursuant to an application filed by M/s. Carbon Black Manufacturers Association, a sunset review anti-dumping investigation has been initiated by the Authority concerning imports of Carbon Black used in Rubber Applications from China PR and Russia. The original duty was imposed vide Notification No. 6/2010- Customs dated 30th July. With an affirmative finding in the first sunset review, the duty was further extended vide Notification No. 54/2015- Customs (ADD).

2) Extension of anti-dumping duty on imports of Sodium Citrate from China PR (Notification No. 08/2020, 19th May 2020)

Pursuant to an affirmative finding issued by the Authority, the anti-dumping duty imposed on imports of Sodium Citrate from China PR in 2015 have been extended for another period of 5 years.

3) Final Findings in Anti-Dumping Investigation concerning imports of ‘Digital Offset Printing Plates’ from China PR, Japan, Korea RP, Taiwan, Vietnam (F.No. 6/7/2019- DGTR, 15th May 2019)

The Authority issued an affirmative finding in the anti-dumping investigation concerning imports of Digital Offset Printing Plates from China PR, Japan, Korea RP, Taiwan and Vietnam.


1) Statement of Essential Facts issued in the Inquiry into the Continuation of the Anti-Dumping Measures Applying to Hollow Structural Sections from the Kingdom of Thailand (SEF No. 532, 20th May 2020)

Austube Mills Pty Ltd. and Orrcon Manufacturing Pty Ltd. have sought the continuation of anti-dumping measures with respect to certain hollow structural sections from Thailand. The duties are set to expire on 19th August 2020. The Commissioner has determined that the anti-dumping duties need not continue, since there appears to be no likelihood of recurrence or continuation of dumping and/or material injury.

WTO Updates

1) Brazil applies to join the Government Procurement Agreement

Brazil was granted observer status in the Government Procurement Agreement in October 2017. The Government Procurement Agreement aims to open up government procurement markets to foreign competitors in a fair manner, and dictates the parties’ commitment pertaining to:

· the procuring entities whose procurement processes will be open to foreign bidders;

· the goods, services and construction services open to foreign competition; and

· the threshold values above which procurement activities will be open to foreign competition

Brazil has stated that it will present its initial market offer and perform other compliance related activities as soon as the pandemic stabilizes and allows a return to normal working conditions.

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